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14 oct. 2016


Mi amiga Maria Eugenia ha sido abuela.
My friend Maria Eugenia is now a granny.
Y yo hice una colcha de bebé para su nieto. Mide 151 x 109 cm/ 60" x  43"
I made a baby quilt for her grandson. It measures 60" x  43" /151 x 109 cm
Colores brillantes y frescos.
Bright and fresh colours.

Poco acolchado para que no resulte rigida,
Not too much quilting so that it is not stiff,
y su nombre. El patrón para hacer las letras me lo dio mi amiga LeeAnn de nifty quilts.
and his name. The pattern for the letters was given to me by my friend LeeAnn from nifty quilts.
El nombre de la colcha es "BleuBlanc rojoamarillo", asi, en francés y español, y por las banderas nacionales de su padre y su madre respectivamente: Francia y España.
The quilt's name is BleuBanc rojoamarillo, in French and Spanish, and for his father and his mother's national flags respectively - France and Spain.

6 comentarios:

  1. I love this quilt...what a great gift idea!!!

  2. Eric a bien de la chance de commencer sa vie avec un si beau quilt ! C'est doux, moderne, avec aussi un brin de masculinité pour le petit bonhomme... Toute mon admiration, Bravo Ana Maria !

    1. Merci, Katell, ton commentarie est toujours un stimulus pour continuer.

  3. It is the perfect baby quilt for Eric! We know he'll never let it go, and he will carry it with him in all his life stages. Very obviously made from love.

  4. As far as I know, it's being used, which is the best homage that can be paid to a quilt. Not to forget that YOU enlightened me with the letters!


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